Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Don't Flake Out Now, Boulder

Reposted from The Denver Egotist: You're still in the running for America's best ad city – a contest being hosted on The San Francisco Egotist. Go vote, you stinkin' hippy.

The results of the Sweet 16 of America's Best Ad City is in the books – and just like March Madness, we had a few small upsets. 5-seed Chicago beat out 4-seed Boston and 5-seed Minneapolis beat out 4-seed Denver.

Now we're down to the Elite 8. Check out the pairings and vote in the comments section. Voting for this round ends on Wednesday, so vote for your city now and get the word out!

SF(1) vs Chicago (5)
NY(1) vs Minneapolis (5)
Portland(2) vs Seattle (3)
Los Angeles (2) vs Boulder (3)