Tuesday, June 23, 2009


More than meets the ear...
The sounds of explosions and robots have been filling the halls here as of late. Here's the result:
A tie-in cross promotion site for Burger King and the new Transformers movie. We had an absolute blast doing the sound design for this bad boy...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ad Music...

Check out the link from Cactus's blog (purethinking.typepad.com) to an interesting article on AdAge about songs in advertising. Now, bear in mind that the piece doesn't cover any original music - only pop songs that have been licensed or re-recorded for the ads. There's certainly a time and a place for that - (Like the remake of The Carpenters "Come On Get Happy" we recently did for a national TV campaign), but for our money, there's something to be said for having an original song scored just for your ad.
Peep a couple of these we've done:

McDonalds Radio - Break for Breakfast

Victory Motorcycles

While you're on a roll - cruise over to our website for some mo!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ad2 News

It hasn't even hit The Denver Egotist yet, but the Ad2 Board of Directors voted in the 2009-2010 Board last night in a closed-door beer and pizza fueled marathon meeting.
Melissa Reeck of Coupe Studios was unanimously elected to the Board as Chairperson of the Programs and Social Committee. Mel, along with her co-chair Corey Hayes will be responsible for the most visible events in the Denver advertising community, including the upcoming kickball tournament, speaker series, and the well-attended networking events.

Other new Board members include folks from The Onion, Henry Gill, Integer, and two from Cactus.

Also last night the charity radio spot Coupe produced for Wish for Wheels was presented to the Board - and we learned that it is being presented by Ad2 Denver reps in Washington, DC next week in the national public service competition. Denver took second place last year, thanks in part to the radio ad we produced - We'll keep you posted on how we fare this year.